Story Writing

a) Who are the main characters in the story?

1. Mr. Lion King : He is grief and angry.

2. Fox : He is sly

3. Little porcupine : He is one of Fox’s friend.


b) What is the setting of the story?

1. They are in a rainforest

2. Long time ago, when Lion was a king of animal


c) Describe the plot as a sequence of events.

1) Lionking got hurt with a large thorn in his palm while he was chasing the rabbit

2) He tried his best to pull out the thorn but it was not easy, so he asked other animal for help.

3) Nobody replied, but sly fox came to lion and negotiated with him.

4) Fox wanted to kick lion’s ass if he help lion. Lion didn’t want but there is no other choice, so acepted it.

5) Fox brought his friend, little porcupine, and he pulled out the thorn with great easy.

6) Finally, The lion became angry and hungry, so he ate fox ^^.


The story is from



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One story about the Fantastic Beach

Summary :

They are from New Zealand. They visit Australia to some beach Especially Goldcoast and Byron Bay.  They stayed in the hostel. They met one guys, Rich who is a kind master of Hostel and a lot of people there. They had a fantastic time which they will never forget.


I really envy them!!! One of my favorite thing in the world is a sea. I am dying to go to a beach right now!!! I should make a plan to go there. Unfortunately, the most important thing may be a money… T-T